Saturday, April 6, 2013

weight easy equation

Just like so many people, I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.  I remember starting to "diet" back into my teenage years and seemed to continue this trend well into my twenties.  There was Slim Fast, South Beach...countless books, magazines, message boards that I turned to attempting to find the answer, as if it was something we all didn't know.  It's an easy equation, eat well and work out, but why is it so gosh darn hard!
Looking back at pictures from my childhood, it's easy to see that I was what most would call a little chubby. My mom feels horrible for allowing me to do so, but this weight gain did not have to do with being inactive or eating a lot, the majority of my excess calories came from one juice! I could literally drink a gallon of orange juice, I just couldn't get enough.  Growing up in a small town, we were probably a little behind the times in the health realm, she figured it was better than drinking soda and drinking water wasn't quite cool yet, well all that OJ eventually caught up with me.  Once the weight started coming, it just gradually kept creeping up. I honestly have no idea how much my weight got up to before my teenage years, but I remember at one point getting a pair of 36 or 38 size mens jean for Christmas when I was in middle school.  During junior high and into high school, I did lose some of this weight, but still was not a healthy weight.  You can say I definitely wasn't comfortable in my skin, especially during those awkward teenage years, but I guess it's a hard time for everyone.
Heading off to college was a fresh start for me, I would load up my MP3 player - pre iPod days! - and head to the track or the gym on campus.  Instead of gaining the freshman 15, I think I lost about 15-20 pounds my freshman year.  In fact I was so into working out and getting healthy, I think I may have prioritized that over actually going to class and doing homework!
It wasn't until my second year in college that I really got serious - actually probably obsessed.  I was up at the crack of dawn doing workout DVDs at home, I loved The Slim Series, and well, every other at-home workout that got rave reviews at I would then head to the Student Activity Center on campus and do weight training and swim, all before my first class. From what I remember, this was also the time I was drinking Slim Fast shakes, reading every fitness related magazine, and obsessively reading online message boards on Shape magazine's website. The result of all this was me probably being the thinnest I had ever been.  While it was all probably a little too extreme, I really learned a lot about what foods to eat (well, after I kicked the whole Slim Fast thing) and a variety of different fitness options.
For the most part I maintained all of this until I graduated college and moved to Austin.  I've now been in Austin for almost 7 years and have definitely had some ups and downs in various aspects of my life, significantly in my weight. While I've always been active and tried to watch what I eat, sometimes you go down a path you don't even realize you've taken and next thing you know, your Wii Fit is telling you your obese! Well that was two years ago, and I took action to make a lifestyle change and commitment to better myself and I am now today probably in the best shape of my life.  I still have goals to reach...before I'm 30, but am very proud of how far I've come! In the weeks to come, I'll dive into more how I've gotten here and where it takes me, but like I said's an easy equation!

Monday, April 1, 2013

about me and my journey

This month I turn 29.  I see this last year spent in my twenties as the perfect opportunity to evaluate where I am in my life.  Through this journey, I intend to make this the best year of my life thus far.  While many dread turning the big 3-0, I want to look at it as a celebration, a new chapter in my life, that I have worked hard to preface.  Looking back on my twenties, I have no regrets, but there are definitely some areas that I have neglected or need to improve upon. 
I am focussed, but have a laundry list of things that I plan to do to help me achieve my full potential and to keep these positive trends flowing well through my thirties, and beyond.  
Like I said, the list is every growing, but here are just a few of the things that will be touched on along my path:
- Health (weight loss, healthy eating, exercise/fitness)
- Relationships (friendships, love)
- Happiness (finding my true happiness and what makes me happy)
and much more! 

This is me.  Join me on my journey.